Mike Planz 

Mike Planz was born in Duesseldorf, but is currently based in Mannheim. He trained at the Ballettförderzentrum in Nürnberg and Dance Professional Mannheim. He has worked with choreographers and dancers including Zenta Haerter, Luches Huddleston, Amelia Eisen, Martijn Joling, Brian McNeal, Tyrel Larson, Kirill Berezovski, Jan-Maurice Wolter and Ying Tingan. Since 2019 he is combining urban dance with contemporary dance movement and animalistic Floorwork. 

 His work was supported by Stadt Mannheim, LBBW Bank, and LaFT Baden-Württemberg. In 2020 he performed as a Solist in the production Hermann der Krumme, choreographed by Zenta Haerter in Konstanz,Germany. In 2021 and 2022 he gave a lot of Workshops and Dance Classes between Mannheim, Heidelberg and Frankfurt. He is currently working on the individual movement language called Animus Vox, this movement will heavily inspire his dance and choreographing. In the next years his goal is to find a way to combine dance, mental health training and spiritual work. The goal is to create a space where everyone can research there body and soul, through movement, different tasks of imagination and meditation. It should also be open to people that are just wanting to experience movement, in every age and every bodysize.